Hart Train Horn Gun: Dual - BossHorn

  • Ready for use without any additional setup
  • Remote Control included (up to 160ft)
  • Durable metal trumpets
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Package Contents
  • Horn Gun Tool (ready to honk from the box)
  • Trumpets
  • Remote Control - 160ft range
  • Users Manual
  • Battery (optional)
  • Charger (optional)
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The Hart Train Horn Gun is a powerful and reliable air horn designed for anyone who needs an extremely loud and attention-grabbing sound. Here are some of the key features and benefits of this train horn tool:

  • Dual BossHorn design: This dual train horn tool comes with two metal air horns that can deliver a powerful and loud sound, making it perfect for signaling and fun purposes.
  • Impact tool construction: Made with durable materials, the hart air horn tool is designed to withstand tough weather conditions and deliver reliable performance over time.
  • Remote control module: With a remote control module, you can easily trigger the air horn from up to 160ft away, giving you plenty of flexibility and control.
  • Air compressor included: This train horn gun hart tool comes with an air compressor, so you can easily fill up the air horns and get started right away.
  • Battery-powered: The dual train horn tool works with original and compatible batteries of the chosen brand, making it easy to use and maintain.

Whether you're using it for sporting events, graduations, political conventions, or any other outdoor activities, this train horn tool is sure to deliver the loud and distinctive sound you need. With its durable construction, remote control capability, and easy-to-use features, the hart air horn tool is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable and powerful air horn. Get yours today and make some noise!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nicholas Kulesza

Absolutely love the horns they are hi quality and very loud love playing pranks with them

Mario Jimenez
Nice,drill train horn.

Looks nice loud sound,to bring attention to bystanders,good quality, fast shipping, good value.

Hart Impact Train Horn: Dual - BossHorn - BossHorn

Hart Train Horn

Unleash the Roar: The Ultimate Hart Train Horn Gun with Remote Control

Blast through ordinary experiences and immerse yourself in a world of sonic wonder with the Hart Train Horn Gun with Remote Control. This masterfully crafted instrument is born in the creative crucible of Los Angeles, where innovation meets artistry to redefine the concept of sound.

Unleash Dual-Horn Fury:

1. Dynamic Dual Horns:
Get ready to transcend mere noise. The Hart Train Horn Gun's dual-horn design isn't just about sound; it's about creating a symphony of impact that resonates in the hearts of those who hear it.

2. Craftsmanship Elevated:
Crafted from the essence of an original Hart drill, this horn gun is a testament to the fusion of power and elegance. The skilled hands of artisans meticulously bring each unit to life, ensuring its exceptional quality.

3. Sound That Stuns:
Prepare to captivate with up to 130 decibels of auditory marvel. This isn't just sound; it's a tidal wave of auditory brilliance that envelopes your surroundings, leaving everyone in awe.

4. Mastery at a Distance:
Harness the power of sound with unprecedented ease, thanks to the 160-foot remote control operating distance. The Hart Train Horn Gun becomes your conductor's wand, creating auditory magic at your command.

5. Plug and Play Brilliance:
Experience convenience from the moment you unbox it. The Hart Train Horn Gun with Remote Control comes ready to amaze, requiring only a compatible battery to unleash its sonic splendor.

Your Auditory Odyssey:

The Hart Train Horn Gun isn't just a horn; it's an invitation to explore uncharted realms of sound. Picture the possibilities:

  • Unforgettable Gatherings: Transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary events by introducing a new dimension of sound that captures attention and ignites conversations.
  • Sports Spectacles: Enhance sports events, races, and competitions with the thunderous sound of a train horn, elevating the excitement and creating lasting memories.
  • Festive Celebrations: Turn celebrations into sonic celebrations, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of wonder that sets the tone for joyous occasions.
  • Artistic Expression: Incorporate the Hart Train Horn Gun into your creative projects, using sound to amplify the emotional impact and deepen audience engagement.
  • Dynamic Presentations: Command attention at public engagements, speeches, and rallies by punctuating your message with a blast of resonating sound.

A Gentle Reminder: As you embrace the enchanting power of the Hart Train Horn Gun, remember to use it responsibly and considerately. Be mindful of noise regulations and the comfort of those around you, ensuring that your auditory adventures are enjoyable for everyone.

The Hart Train Horn Gun with Remote Control is more than an instrument; it's an experience. Elevate your presence, redefine moments, and forge a stronger connection with the world around you. Embark on a journey where sound becomes an adventure, and every note is a story waiting to be told.