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Good horn

I like the horn!!!

So much fun

Love the deep train sound and the fact that is can be activated by remote. The pets may not like it as much, but I am having fun. Cannot wait for softball season to start so we can put this to good use.

Model Railroader Engineer

Alot of fun ! I am a model railroader, goes great with that ! Hi quality and good looks.

Coolest horn ever!! Love the remote!!

We have had the most fun with this horn in just a few days of having it.
We even used it in our local Christmas parade over the weekend.

Painfully loud!

I am so happy I picked this up. I am a Milwaukee fan boy and this is an amazing addition to my collection. It is really difficult to believe how loud these horns are. I am very impressed.

Awesomely loud!!!

Everyone I show wants one!!

Absolutely Wicked!

Louder than I thought it would be. Remote is the best add!

One of the horns was bent up on the end

Sound we were looking for.

Horn has a nice deep throaty sound. Will definitely get noticed.

Loud and proud!!!

The product is as cool as it looks. Having fun before giving it to my son for Christmas!!!

Great toy but expensive

This is a nice man toy but it sure was expensive.

It has a superb sound.

I’m amazed that such a BIG SOUND comes from such a small package! Wish I had bought them sooner! Papa Earl Ludowici Georgia

Horn stuck on

The first time i tried to use the remote the horn stuck on and will not release now. I have only had the horn for a few days. I have only pressed the trigger on the horn twice. So the horn is not what i had expected.

The horn exhibits good construction quality, although I anticipated a louder sound, especially considering I opted for the premium version. The alignment of the battery is not perfect, making it challenging to insert the battery. The remote is a greater feature.


Got my wife the 4 horn to replace the Jeeps train horn and she love it! Really loud and an added bonus is it’s easy to handle!

Premium DeWalt Train Horn Gun with Remote Control

Good Quality

Thought I had a problem my unit . As the battery seemed like it would NOT fit. A quick note to customer solved the problem .

Remote makes it interesting

Hopefully you’re handy. Otherwise good luck.

I understand it’s a diy kit, but they send the parts and then say good luck. If you aren’t handy, just spend the money and buy the whole drill and horn already assembled. Otherwise, you will have a bunch of parts you can’t use. It took about two hours to understand the intent of the kit and what you’re supposed to do and to modify the inside of the drill in order to get it to work. In the end, I’m happy with the result but it was a bit of a find your own way experience.


Love the horn. Having so much fun with it.

Awesome and LOUD

Much louder than I expected, solid and well built. I got the Ridgid version.