Quad Train Horns

Trusted classic trumpets design. Durability and Reliability proven by thousands of customers.

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New Release! Premium Train Horns

The loudest ones available nowadays. The lowest tone as well. New horns base and long trumpets had changed the game.

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Dual Train Horns

Stick to these the most portable train horns when you need a compact and still loud solution. The lightest ones.

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Remote Controlled Drill Horns

The RC module lets you use Drill Train Horns from up to 2000ft away with the extra long-distance remote or up to 160ft away with the regular remote that comes with it. It works with all the brands - Dewalt Train Horn, Milwaukee Train Horn, Ryobi Train Horn or others. Remote-controlled air Horn Guns are super loud and make signaling impressive!

Our mission

Our mission is to bring innovation and excitement to everyday experiences through cutting-edge portable train horns that enhance safety, entertainment, and self-expression. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and user-friendly solutions that empower individuals to make a bold statement, create memorable moments, and enjoy life to the fullest. With a commitment to excellence and creativity, we aim to be a driving force in shaping the future of unique and impactful technologies — Unleash the Impact of Train Horns with us today!

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