Quad Train Horns with Remote Control

Collection: Quad Train Horns with Remote Control

Equip your vehicle with the impressive power of a Quad Train Horn. Our selection features Milwaukee and Ridgid models with 4 trumpets in various colors like black, chrome, and red. With a remote control operating distance of up to 160ft and the convenience of both remote and trigger button control, these horns offer unrivaled versatility. Choose the Quad Train Horn that suits your style and experience the amplified sound like never before. Shop now and make your presence heard on the road.

Designed for maximum impact, our Quad Train Horns are the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold statement. With remote control capability and a 160ft operating distance, these horns offer convenience and flexibility. Choose from a range of color options, including black, chrome, and red, to match your style. Whether you're looking for a Milwaukee Quad Train Horn, a Ridgid Quad Horn, or any other quad air horn, we have the perfect option for you. Shop now and experience the power of our Quad Train Horns.