Premium Milwaukee Train Horn Gun with Remote Control

  • Ready for use without any additional setup
  • Remote Control included (up to 160ft)
  • Durable metal trumpets
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Package Contents
  • Horn Gun Tool (ready to honk from the box)
  • Trumpets
  • Remote Control - 160ft range
  • Users Manual
  • Battery (optional)
  • Charger (optional)
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Comparing Each Milwaukee Train Horn

Premium Milwaukee Train Horn Features

Milwaukee Train Horn Gun
  • Please check the video to experience the difference
  • Works with any Milwaukee M18 battery
  • Handmade from an brand new drill
  • Has metal trumpets
  • Super long-lasting from 1 charge
  • Produces 150db train sound
  • Up to 160ft remote control operating distance
  • Same day ship-out
  • Ready to use from the box. Just secure the battery!

The Milwaukee Train Horn M18 is an excellent choice if you're in need of a portable and powerful m18 train horn. This device is designed to create a loud and attention-grabbing sound that can be heard from far away.

Here are some features of the Milwaukee M18 Train Horn Gun:

  • Handcrafted horn: Each unit is handcrafted to ensure durability and reliability.
  • The sound of 4 trumpets: The four trumpets provide a loud and powerful sound that is perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Battery-powered: No need for power outlets or cords, you can take the Train Air Horn with you anywhere you go.
  • Remote Control Module: The remote control module allows you to operate the horn from up to 160ft away, giving you the ability to use the horn in a variety of settings.
  • Easy to use: With its simple design, you can easily operate the train horn m18 milwaukee with just one hand. No installation required. Ready to use from the box!
  • Compatible with Milwaukee M18 batteries: You can power this device with the M18 batteries from Milwaukee, which are sold separately.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities: Whether you're camping, hiking, or attending a sporting event, this best train horn is perfect for making a statement.

The Milwaukee train horn is a versatile and reliable device that is perfect for signaling, having fun, and making a statement. Get yours today and experience the power of loud!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Chaice Moyes
It is a blast

I can't say enough of how awesome these are. I've throughly enjoyed them since I got them. I've used them at sporting events and even parades. You can't go wrong with buying them

Jeff Ainge
Premium Milwaukee Horn

I purchased the Milwaukee 4 Horn and it’s a blast.

Super satisfied

I love it! Get your own now!

Large, Loud, And in-charge!

The premium long trumpets horn upgrade option gives an already great sound even more of a bass note! Love the light trigger action needed to activate this hand-held sound-bomb! The remote adds convenience for using as a horn on my motorscooter. Waaayyy better than the boating type pressurized blue plastic horn I had been using for new-year's day and sporting events in the past! This BossHorn simply "blows-those-away!"
Remember to either wear earplugs or quality ear-muffs if using hand-held since the sound level emitted is very, very, VERY VERY loud !!!!

George Heckle
Choo-Choo Train / Who the Boss now !

I love this Red Milwaukee Boss Air Horn ! Awesome , 4 Red Horns , A little heavy to pack but awesome . I kind of wish it would be more louder. but this will do for now . Going to build a bracket for under the hood with remote control !! Thank you for build a fine product !! The guys at Boeing love it too .

Brett Root
Great product! Everything worked perfectly! Can’t wait to use it when my neighbors least expect i...

Very happy!

Dave Nieman
Blow Hard

The horn is out standing quality there is one issue there is a support clip on the side of the blower motor you don’t give any ideas for mounting the horn to a bow rail or bike handle

Ångman Lars-Johan

Fast shipping💪🏻💪🏻

David Ziegler


Ordered 3 items and just love my horn guns!

I ordered the 3 different ones: Milwaukee, Dewalt and Ryobi and they work perfect! Especially the long range remote is so fun to use for pranking my friends 😂

Milwaukee Train Horn

Introducing the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun with Remote Control – a masterpiece of engineering and creativity that promises to revolutionize the way you make an impact. Crafted with precision right here in Los Angeles, this exceptional tool is not just a horn; it's a symbol of innovation that's ready to amplify your signaling and stir up excitement.

A Masterpiece in Craftsmanship:
Every Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted in our Los Angeles workshop. We take pride in utilizing authentic, top-quality drills to create a product that's not only functional but also a work of art. The result is a unique, durable, and reliable horn gun that's built to last and deliver exceptional performance.

Unleash the Power of Metal Trumpets:
At the heart of the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun are its powerful metal trumpets. These meticulously designed components are more than just eye-catching; they're engineered to enhance sound projection and create an awe-inspiring auditory experience. Whether you're signaling or adding a dash of excitement to an event, these metal trumpets ensure that your presence is felt and heard.

Amplify Your Impact:
Sound is a powerful tool, and the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun harnesses that power to its fullest. With the capability to produce up to 150 decibels of train-like sound, you're not just making noise – you're making a statement. Whether you're firing up a crowd at a sports event or infusing a party with energy, this horn gun ensures that your intentions are heard loud and clear.

Command from a Distance:
Tired of being tethered to cords or limited in your movements? The Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun eliminates those limitations with its advanced remote control system. With a range of up to 160 feet, you have the freedom to sound the horn at your convenience, making your mark from a distance. It's a level of control that takes excitement and engagement to new heights.

Endless Opportunities Await:
The Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun isn't just a tool; it's an enhancer of experiences. Picture yourself at a sports game, rallying the team and electrifying the atmosphere with a blast of sound. Imagine kicking off celebrations or leaving your mark at parades and gatherings. With its thunderous sound and striking aesthetics, this horn gun has found its way into a variety of scenarios where making memories is paramount.

Where Can You Make Your Mark?
The real question is where you can't use the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun. From sporting events that crave an infusion of energy to outdoor festivities where you want to stand out, this horn gun is your go-to device. Imagine the looks of surprise and wonder as you unleash the sound, turning heads and creating unforgettable moments.

In essence, the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun with Remote Control isn't just a horn – it's a game-changing tool that embodies innovation, power, and style. Handcrafted with care, armed with resounding metal trumpets, and capable of generating an impressive 150 decibels of sound, it's the ideal companion for creating lasting memories. So, why wait? Elevate your experiences with the Milwaukee Premium Horn Gun and make your presence known in ways you never thought possible.