when does nidorino learn horn drill

Nidorino: When Does It Learn Horn Drill?

Nidorino, the Poison Pin Pokémon, is known for its distinctive large horn that adorns its forehead. This trait has captured the attention of trainers and is central to its evolution. As Nidorino evolves from Nidoran♂, there is great anticipation surrounding the acquisition of a powerful move called Horn Drill. This move allows Nidorino to strike with devastating force, but its mastery does not come easily.

The history of Nidorino's ability to learn Horn Drill dates back to its earliest origins. Trainers who have studied this Pokémon know that it is a male-only species, and its evolution is triggered by the infusion of a Moon Stone. Once evolved, Nidorino gains significant strength, not only physically but also in terms of the moves it can learn.

Horn Drill itself is an incredibly potent move that inflicts a one-hit knockout if it successfully hits the opponent. This move, however, requires careful timing and precision, making it a challenge for trainers and their Nidorino to master. Its power lies not only in its ability to take down opponents swiftly but also in the sense of accomplishment that comes with successfully executing such a precise attack.

To truly harness the power of Horn Drill, trainers often invest time and effort in coaching their Nidorino. Through intense training sessions and strategic battles, trainers mold their Nidorino's abilities, preparing it to unleash the lethal force of Horn Drill. This methodical approach ensures that the move is used effectively, maximizing the chances of a successful strike and minimizing the risk of wasted energy.

It is worth noting that the learning process for Horn Drill is not immediate or automatic. Trainers must wait patiently as their Nidorino gains experience in battles, and it is through this experience that Nidorino becomes capable of learning the move. The time it takes for a Nidorino to master Horn Drill varies, as it depends on various factors such as the individual Nidorino's level of experience and the intensity of training sessions provided by the trainer.

Mastering the art of Horn Drill is a key milestone in the journey of trainers and their Nidorino. With its potential to quickly turn the tide of battles, it becomes an essential move for those seeking victory in intense Pokémon battles. Now armed with this knowledge, trainers can embark on their adventure with Nidorino, eagerly anticipating the gratifying moment when their Pokémon learns Horn Drill and becomes an unstoppable force in the Pokémon world.

When does Nidorino learn Horn Drill?

Nidorino is a Pokemon that evolves from Nidoran♂ at level 16. Horn Drill is a powerful move that can instantly knock out an opponent if it connects. It is a Normal type move with a low accuracy rate of 30%. Nidorino can learn Horn Drill through leveling up. However, the specific level at which it learns this move can vary depending on the game version. In order to fully understand the timing of when Nidorino learns Horn Drill in each game, it is important to delve into the details of its evolution and move-set progression.


Nidorino is a popular Pokemon known for its strength and formidable moveset. One move in particular, Horn Drill, is highly sought after by trainers due to its powerful one-hit KO potential. In this article, we'll explore when Nidorino learns Horn Drill and the significance of this move in battles.

When Does Nidorino Learn Horn Drill?

Nidorino is capable of learning Horn Drill through two different methods. The first method is by leveling up. At level 61, Nidorino will naturally learn this devastating move. It is important to note that Nidoran♂, the pre-evolution of Nidorino, cannot learn Horn Drill through leveling up. The move becomes available only after it evolves into Nidorino.

The second method of learning Horn Drill is through a TM or Technical Machine. In Pokemon games, trainers can use TMs to teach specific moves to their Pokemon. Horn Drill is one such move. Trainers can find the Horn Drill TM, which is TM07, in various locations depending on the game version. Once Nidorino has learned the move through a TM, it can use Horn Drill without the need for leveling up to a specific level.

Significance of Horn Drill

Horn Drill is a unique move in that it has the potential to instantly knock out an opponent when it connects. However, it is important to remember that Horn Drill has a very low accuracy rate. The move has only 30% accuracy, meaning it is likely to miss more often than not.

Despite the low accuracy, trainers often pursue teaching Horn Drill to their Nidorino due to the potential it holds. If the move connects, it disregards the opponent's defense and instantly knocks them out, regardless of their remaining HP. This makes Horn Drill a formidable move in battles and can turn the tide in favor of a Nidorino.


The ability for Nidorino to learn Horn Drill at level 61 or through the Horn Drill TM provides trainers with a powerful tool in battles. While the move's low accuracy presents a risk, the potential for a one-hit KO makes it highly sought after. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, Nidorino can become an unstoppable force with Horn Drill.


  • Nidorino learns Horn Drill at level 61.
  • Nidorino can also learn Horn Drill through the TM07.
  • Horn Drill has a 30% accuracy rate.
  • Horn Drill is a one-hit KO move that bypasses the opponent's defense.


FAQ: When Does Nidorino Learn Horn Drill?

1. Q: At what level does Nidorino acquire the move Horn Drill?

A: Nidorino learns Horn Drill at a specific stage in its training.

- Horn Drill is obtained by Nidorino at a level that is not easily attainable in the early stages of its development.

- Nidorino must reach a certain level of experience before it can learn this powerful move.

- Horn Drill is a move that Nidorino gains later in its journey, so patience and effort are required to unlock its potential.

2. Q: What role does Horn Drill play in Nidorino's battle strategy?

A: Horn Drill serves as a crucial addition to Nidorino's repertoire of moves, providing a unique advantage in battles.

- Horn Drill is a one-hit KO move that has the potential to instantly take down an opponent.

- Nidorino's ability to learn Horn Drill enhances its battle capabilities, allowing for strategic victories against powerful opponents.

- Horn Drill's high-risk, high-reward nature makes it a valuable asset for trainers looking to maximize Nidorino's potential.

3. Q: Can Nidorino learn Horn Drill through any other means besides leveling up?

A: While leveling up is the primary method for Nidorino to learn Horn Drill, there are alternative ways to obtain this move.

- Nidorino can learn Horn Drill through various means, such as using a TM or HM.

- By utilizing the appropriate item, trainers can teach Nidorino Horn Drill outside of the traditional leveling up process.

- Exploring different avenues of acquiring Horn Drill can prove beneficial for trainers seeking to optimize Nidorino's moveset.

4. Q: Does Nidorino's evolutionary stage affect when it learns Horn Drill?

A: Nidorino's evolutionary progression does have an impact on when it attains the move Horn Drill.

- Nidorino evolves into Nidoking at a certain level, which alters its move pool.

- The point at which Nidorino evolves into Nidoking determines the last possible opportunity for it to learn Horn Drill.

- Trainers must consider Nidorino's evolutionary path to ensure they do not miss the opportunity to obtain Horn Drill.

5. Q: Are there any other moves that complement Horn Drill in Nidorino's moveset?

A: Nidorino benefits from a variety of moves that can be strategically combined with Horn Drill.

- Poison-type moves such as Poison Jab or Toxic can synergize well with Horn Drill, providing additional damage and status effects.

- Choosing moves that cover Nidorino's weaknesses, such as Thunderbolt for coverage against Water-types, can greatly enhance its battle potential.

- Nidorino's moveset should be carefully crafted to balance Horn Drill's high-risk nature with other versatile and reliable moves.

In summary, Nidorino learns Horn Drill at a specific level, which requires patience and effort from trainers. This move serves as a valuable addition to Nidorino's battle strategy, providing a one-hit KO potential against opponents. While leveling up is the primary means of obtaining Horn Drill, alternative methods can be explored. Nidorino's evolutionary progression impacts the timing of when it learns Horn Drill, and it is essential to consider its moveset as a whole, incorporating complementary moves for optimal performance in battles.


Nidorino learns Horn Drill only once, at level 50. This powerful move allows Nidorino to take down its opponents in a single strike if it manages to hit. With its high critical hit ratio, Horn Drill becomes a fearsome addition to Nidorino's moveset. However, it is crucial to note that the move has a low accuracy, making it unreliable in battles. Therefore, trainers should carefully consider the risk and reward before relying on Horn Drill during battles.

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