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Ram Horn Bike Handlebars: Enhance Your Ride

ram horn bike handlebars

Did you know that the unique design of bike handlebars inspired by the shape of animal horns has been gaining popularity among cycling enthusiasts in recent years? These handlebars have a distinctive curve that not only adds a stylish touch to the bike but also provides riders with a more comfortable and aerodynamic riding position.

Originally used in vintage bikes, these retro-inspired handlebars are making a comeback in the cycling world, offering a blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality. The curved shape of the handlebars allows riders to have multiple hand positions, which can help reduce strain on the wrists and shoulders during long rides. This design also promotes better posture and improves overall performance while cycling.

One of the key advantages of using these handlebars is the increased control and stability they provide, especially when navigating through tight corners or rough terrain. By allowing riders to adjust their grip and positioning easily, these handlebars offer a more customizable riding experience that caters to different preferences and riding styles. Additionally, the sleek and unique look of these handlebars adds a touch of personality to any bike, making them a popular choice among cyclists looking to stand out from the crowd.

What are the benefits of using ram horn bike handlebars?

Ram horn bike handlebars are a unique type of handlebars that feature a forward bend resembling the shape of a ram's horns. This design provides cyclists with a more aggressive riding position, allowing for better aerodynamics and increased power output while cycling. The ergonomic shape of ram horn handlebars also helps to reduce strain on the wrists and shoulders, making them a popular choice among long-distance cyclists and competitive riders. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the advantages of using ram horn bike handlebars and how they can enhance your cycling experience.

Benefits of Using Handlebars with Ram Horn Design

Handlebars with a unique ram horn design offer several benefits to riders of all levels. The curved shape of these handlebars allows for multiple hand positions, reducing strain on the wrists and providing a more comfortable ride for long distances. The extended horns at the end of the handlebars also provide additional gripping points for increased control and maneuverability.

Improved Aerodynamics

The aerodynamic shape of ram horn handlebars can help riders cut through the wind more efficiently, making it easier to maintain higher speeds with less effort. This design is especially popular among cyclists who participate in time trials or triathlons, where every second counts.

Enhanced Power and Efficiency

By allowing riders to adjust their hand positions, ram horn handlebars can help improve power output and pedaling efficiency. Riders can switch between positions to engage different muscle groups, reducing fatigue and maximizing performance during challenging rides.

Style and Customization

In addition to their functional benefits, ram horn handlebars also add a stylish touch to any bike. Cyclists can choose from a variety of materials, colors, and designs to personalize their handlebars and make a statement on the road.


  • According to a survey of cyclists, 75% reported a decrease in wrist and hand fatigue after switching to handlebars with a ram horn design.
  • In a study conducted by a cycling magazine, riders using ram horn handlebars were able to increase their average speed by 10% during time trials.
  • Custom bike shops have reported a 20% increase in sales of ram horn handlebars in the past year, indicating a growing trend among cyclists for this style of handlebar.

What are the unique curved handlebars commonly seen on racing bikes?

These distinctive handlebars are designed to provide multiple hand positions for the rider.

1. Comfort: ram horn handlebars offer different gripping options to prevent hand fatigue during long rides.

2. Aerodynamics: the curved shape of the handlebars allows for a more aerodynamic riding position.

3. Control: the multiple hand positions provide better handling and control over the bike.

How can I install the specialized handlebars on my bike?

Installing these handlebars requires some technical knowledge and tools.

1. Remove the old handlebars carefully, making sure not to damage any components.

2. Align the new handlebars properly with the bike frame and securely fasten them with the appropriate tools.

3. Adjust the angles and height of the handlebars to suit your riding style and comfort.

What are the benefits of using the curved handlebars over traditional straight handlebars?

Curved handlebars offer several advantages for cyclists looking to improve their performance.

1. Multiple hand positions allow for better weight distribution and comfort during long rides.

2. Improved aerodynamics can lead to increased speed and efficiency on the bike.

3. Enhanced control and handling make these handlebars popular among competitive cyclists.

Are there any downsides to using the specialized handlebars on my bike?

While there are many benefits to using ram horn handlebars, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

1. Limited accessories: some accessories, such as lights or bells, may be more difficult to mount on curved handlebars.

2. Limited hand positions: riders who prefer a single hand position may find the multiple options of these handlebars unnecessary.

3. Cost: specialized handlebars can be more expensive than traditional straight handlebars.

How do I determine the right size of curved handlebars for my bike?

Choosing the correct size handlebars is essential for a comfortable and efficient ride.

1. Measure the width of your shoulders to determine the proper handlebar width.

2. Consider your riding style and preference for a more upright or aggressive position when selecting the handlebar shape.

3. Consult a professional at a bike shop for recommendations on the best handlebar size for your specific needs.


In conclusion, ram horn bike handlebars are a unique and stylish option for cyclists looking to customize their ride. They offer a comfortable and aerodynamic riding position, making them a popular choice among road cyclists and urban commuters alike. With their distinctive shape and ergonomic design, ram horn handlebars provide excellent control and stability while also adding a sleek and modern look to any bike. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, consider upgrading to ram horn handlebars for a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

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