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Pokemon Blue: Horn Drill TM Guide

One of the most powerful moves in the world of Pokemon is known as Horn Drill. This devastating move is capable of instantly knocking out an opponent in a single hit. With its accuracy of only 30%, it may seem unreliable, but for those trainers who master it, Horn Drill can be a game-changer.

First introduced in the original Pokemon games, Horn Drill has remained a staple move throughout the franchise. Trainers have sought after the Horn Drill TM, eager to teach it to their Pokemon and gain a competitive edge in battles. Its popularity stems from its ability to overcome even the toughest opponents, including those with high defense stats.

The history of Horn Drill dates back to the first generation of Pokemon games, specifically in Pokemon Red and Green. The TM itself was hidden deep within the Safari Zone, a vast and challenging area where trainers could encounter a variety of wild Pokemon. It was a sought-after item among trainers, as it offered a powerful move that could be taught to their Pokemon.

In battles, Horn Drill has become synonymous with victory. With the ability to bypass an opponent's defense entirely, trainers have relied on Horn Drill as their secret weapon. However, due to its low accuracy, its usage requires careful planning and strategy. Trainers must determine the perfect moment to use the move, increasing their chances of success.

The power of Horn Drill lies in its ability to instantly defeat an opponent, regardless of their level or strength. This move has become a symbol of a trainer's mastery, showcasing their strategic skills and understanding of the game. With the right Pokemon and training, trainers can turn the tide of any battle with a well-executed Horn Drill.

In conclusion, Horn Drill has made a significant impact on the world of Pokemon. Its devastating power and low accuracy have made it both a feared move and a sought-after TM. Trainers who are able to master Horn Drill have the potential to become formidable opponents in any battle.

Pokemon Blue Horn Drill TM: Unleash the Power of the Horn!

In the Pokemon world, the Blue Horn Drill TM stands as a powerful move that trainers can teach their Pokemon. But what exactly does this TM entail? Join us as we delve into the depths of the Blue Horn Drill TM, its significance, and how it can be advantageous in battle. Stay tuned for a comprehensive exploration of this move and how it can help trainers secure victories in thrilling battles.

The Power of Horn Drill TM in Pokemon

In the world of Pokemon, there are many powerful moves that trainers can teach their Pokemon to help them in battle. One move that stands out among the rest is Horn Drill TM. This move, known for its high risk and high reward, can instantly knock out an opponent's Pokemon if it lands successfully. Let's explore the power and strategy behind this fascinating move.

Understanding Horn Drill TM

Horn Drill TM is a one-hit KO move, meaning that if it successfully hits the opposing Pokemon, it will instantly knock it out. However, its accuracy is notoriously low, with only a 30% chance of hitting. This makes it a risky move to use, as missing with Horn Drill will result in a wasted turn for the user.

Interestingly, Horn Drill TM is a Normal-type move, which means it can be taught to a wide variety of Pokemon. However, only a limited number of Pokemon can learn it naturally. In the first generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Blue introduced several Pokemon capable of learning Horn Drill through leveling up, including Rhydon, Goldeen, Seaking, and Nidoqueen.

Strategies and Synergies

Because of its low accuracy, Horn Drill TM is often used strategically rather than as a reliable attack. Trainers will often pair it with moves that increase accuracy, such as Lock-On or Mind Reader, to ensure that Horn Drill hits its mark. Additionally, using a Pokemon with a high speed stat can increase the chances of landing Horn Drill before the opponent has a chance to attack.

Another strategy involves the use of Pokemon with abilities like No Guard, which guarantees that all moves used by both Pokemon will hit. This eliminates the risk of missing with Horn Drill, making it a fearsome move to contend with.

The Impact of Horn Drill in Competitive Battles

In competitive Pokemon battles, the use of Horn Drill is often seen as a daring move. It can turn the tide of a battle with a single successful hit, but it comes with a significant risk. Trainers must carefully consider whether the potential benefits outweigh the gamble of wasting a turn.

Due to its low accuracy, Horn Drill is generally not allowed in official tournaments and battles. However, some casual battles and friendly competitions may still permit its use, making it a thrilling option for trainers who enjoy taking risks.


  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Type: Normal
  • Introduced in: Generation I
  • Pokemon capable of learning Horn Drill in Pokemon Blue: Rhydon, Goldeen, Seaking, Nidoqueen



1. What is the purpose of the TM move that can pierce through any Pokémon's defenses?

The TM move in question is one that holds a significant tactical advantage in battles. It possesses the capability to overcome even the sturdiest of defenses, rendering them useless against its power. This move is highly sought after by trainers aiming to gain an edge in their battles, as its ability to deliver a devastating blow can turn the tides in their favor.

The three most important pieces of information related to this move are:

- TM moves provide trainers with the ability to teach their Pokémon new techniques.

- This particular TM move possesses immense power, capable of piercing through any opponent's defenses with a single strike.

- Its availability allows trainers to bolster their team's strength and increase their chances of victory.

2. How can I acquire this powerful move for my Pokémon?

The process of obtaining this potent move can vary depending on the version of the game you are playing. However, there are a few common approaches to acquiring it. Firstly, you may encounter NPCs willing to offer this TM in exchange for meeting certain conditions, such as accomplishing specific in-game tasks or defeating powerful trainers. Additionally, you might find it hidden within certain areas of the game world or be able to purchase it from a shop or vending machine.

The three most important pieces of information related to acquiring this move are:

- NPCs within the game may offer this TM as a reward for meeting specific requirements.

- It is possible to find this TM hidden in various locations throughout the in-game world.

- This powerful move may be available for purchase from in-game shops or vending machines.

3. Can any Pokémon learn and utilize this move?

While this move possesses immense power, not every Pokémon is capable of learning and utilizing it. As with many other moves, the availability of this move to a specific Pokémon is determined by its species, abilities, and level of mastery. Certain Pokémon types, such as those with rugged physical attributes or those adept at the art of striking, tend to have a higher likelihood of being able to learn and effectively use this move.

The three most important pieces of information related to Pokémon's ability to learn this move are:

- Not every Pokémon can learn this move; it is limited to specific Pokémon based on their species, abilities, and physical attributes.

- Pokémon that excel in physical combat or possess robust defensive capabilities are more likely to be eligible to learn this move.

- The level of mastery a Pokémon has achieved also plays a role in determining its ability to learn and effectively execute this move.

4. Are there any drawbacks or limitations to using this move?

While this move can prove invaluable in battle, it is essential to be aware of its limitations and potential drawbacks. Firstly, its successful execution relies on factors such as the level and stats of the Pokémon using the move, as well as the defenses of the opponent. Additionally, this move may possess a limited number of available uses, depending on the version of the game you are playing. It is crucial to strategize its usage wisely to ensure optimum effectiveness.

The three most important pieces of information related to limitations and drawbacks are:

- Successful execution of this move relies on factors such as the Pokémon's level, stats, and the defenses of the opponent.

- The move may have a limited number of uses, requiring trainers to utilize it strategically.

- Understanding these limitations and managing the move's usage effectively can greatly impact battles and increase the chances of victory.

5. Can this move be taught to a Pokémon at any time?

The availability of teaching this move to a Pokémon at any given time is subject to certain conditions. In most cases, a Pokémon must reach a specific level of competency before it becomes eligible to learn this move. Additionally, trainers must possess the necessary TM required to teach the move. Without meeting these prerequisites, attempting to instruct a Pokémon in this move will prove futile. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your Pokémon meets the necessary requirements before attempting to teach it this powerful technique.

The three most important pieces of information related to teaching this move are:

- Pokémon must reach a certain level of competency before they can learn this move.

- Trainers must possess the corresponding TM required to teach this move to their Pokémon.

- Attempting to teach this move to a Pokémon without meeting the necessary prerequisites will be ineffective.


In conclusion, the Horn Drill TM in Pokemon Blue is a powerful move that should not be underestimated. By teaching this move to a compatible Pokemon, Trainers can gain a significant advantage in battles. The Horn Drill move has a high risk-reward factor, as it can instantly knock out opponents if it hits successfully. However, its low accuracy makes it a risky move to rely on in crucial battles.

To obtain the Horn Drill TM, Trainers must first defeat the gym leader in Celadon City, Erika. Once obtained, they can teach this powerful move to Pokemon willing to learn it. It is important to note that Horn Drill TM can only be used once, so Trainers should carefully consider which Pokemon they choose to teach this move.

Horn Drill is a Normal-type move that can only be used by Pokemon that are physically capable of using their horn to attack. When used successfully, it has the potential to faint any opponent regardless of their level or stats. This makes it especially useful in tough battles against opponents with high HP.

However, its low accuracy of just 30% means that there is a high chance of missing the target. Trainers must rely on luck and hope that the move connects for it to be effective. It is recommended to use accuracy-boosting moves or abilities, such as X Accuracy or moves like Lock-On, to increase the chances of Horn Drill hitting its mark.

In competitive battles, the Horn Drill move is often considered a high-risk/high-reward option. It can be a last-ditch effort to defeat a strong opponent, but its inconsistency makes it a less popular choice compared to more reliable moves. Nevertheless, in casual battles or when attempting to defeat tough opponents, the Horn Drill TM can still be a useful tool in any Trainer's arsenal.

Overall, the Horn Drill TM in Pokemon Blue is a unique and powerful move that can turn the tide of battles. Despite its low accuracy, it remains a fearsome move that can instantly knock out opponents if it connects. However, Trainers must carefully consider the risks and rewards associated with using the Horn Drill move and choose their Pokemon wisely.

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