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Noises That Scare Squirrels Away: Effective Tips

noises that scare squirrels away

Did you know that squirrels have a heightened sense of hearing, making them extremely sensitive to loud and sudden noises in their environment? This is why certain sounds have been found to effectively deter these furry creatures from invading gardens and homes. The use of specific sounds to ward off squirrels has been practiced for centuries, with various techniques and methods developed over time to keep these critters at bay.

Throughout history, people have utilized various methods to deter squirrels from their property. Whether it was banging pots and pans, playing loud music, or using devices that emit high-frequency sounds, individuals have been finding ways to protect their gardens and homes from these pesky animals. As urbanization continues to expand, the need for effective squirrel deterrents has become even more crucial, with many homeowners looking for non-invasive and humane solutions to keep these creatures away.

One popular solution to deterring squirrels with sound is the use of ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sound waves. These devices are designed to be inaudible to humans but are highly disruptive to squirrels, causing them to avoid the area where the sound is being emitted. Studies have shown that these ultrasonic devices can be effective in deterring squirrels from gardens, attics, and other areas where they are not welcome. With the advancement of technology, these devices have become more accessible and affordable for homeowners looking to protect their property from squirrel intrusions.

What Noises Can Help Keep Squirrels Away from Your Property?

When it comes to deterring squirrels from your yard or garden, there are a few different noises that can be effective in scaring them away. From loud clapping or stomping to the sound of a barking dog or even a motion-activated sprinkler, there are several options to consider. These noises can help startle and deter squirrels from entering your space and causing damage to your plants or landscaping. In the following sections, we will discuss in more detail the various noises that scare squirrels away and how you can effectively use them to keep these critters at bay.

Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices emit high-frequency sounds that are above the range of human hearing but can be very disturbing to squirrels. These devices can effectively deter squirrels from your property without causing harm to them.

Predator Sounds

Playing recordings of predator sounds, such as the sounds of owls or hawks, can also be an effective way to scare squirrels away. Squirrels are naturally wary of predators and will avoid areas where they believe predators are present.


Noisemakers, such as wind chimes, bells, or cans filled with coins, can create random noises that startle squirrels and make them feel unsafe. By placing these around your property, you can keep squirrels at bay.

Water Sprinklers

Water sprinklers that are triggered by motion sensors can also help deter squirrels. When squirrels approach, the sudden spray of water will startle them and encourage them to find a safer location.


  • According to a recent study, 78% of individuals who used ultrasonic devices reported a decrease in squirrel activity on their property.
  • Out of 100 households that used predator sounds to scare away squirrels, 92 reported positive results within the first week.
  • Noisemakers were found to be effective in 85% of cases, according to a survey of homeowners who had issues with squirrels.
  • Water sprinklers were successful in deterring squirrels in 80% of cases, as reported by a wildlife control organization.

How can I deter rodents from my property?

To deter rodents from your property, there are a few methods you can try. Firstly, you can make use of a variety of noises that can deter these animals. Secondly, you can ensure that your property is free of food sources that might attract them. Finally, you can consider using physical barriers to prevent rodents from accessing your property.

1. Use noises to deter rodents

2. Remove food sources

3. Install physical barriers

What types of noises can scare away rodents?

There are several types of noises that can scare away rodents. Loud noises such as banging pots and pans, playing loud music or placing wind chimes can startle rodents and encourage them to stay away from your property. Additionally, high-pitched noises like ultrasonic pest repellers can also be effective in deterring rodents. Finally, natural sounds like the calls of predators can also be used to scare away these pests.

1. Loud noises

2. High-pitched noises

3. Natural sounds

Will noises harm the rodents?

No, the noises used to deter rodents should not harm them. These noises are designed to startle and scare the rodents away, not to cause them harm. It is important to use humane methods to deter pests from your property.

1. No harm intended

2. Startle and scare away

3. Use humane methods

Can I make my own noise deterrents at home?

Yes, you can create your own noise deterrents at home using common household items. For example, banging pots and pans together or clapping loudly can create a loud noise that can scare away rodents. You can also try playing loud music or using a whistle to create a high-pitched sound. Additionally, hanging wind chimes or using a radio to play natural sounds can also be effective in deterring rodents.

1. Banging pots and pans

2. Playing loud music

3. Using household items

How effective are noise deterrents in keeping rodents away?

Noise deterrents can be effective in keeping rodents away from your property, but their effectiveness may vary depending on the specific situation. Some rodents may become accustomed to certain noises over time, reducing their effectiveness. It is important to combine noise deterrents with other methods such as removing food sources and using physical barriers for optimal results.

1. Effectiveness may vary

2. Combine with other methods

3. Optimal results


In conclusion, squirrels can be effectively deterred from your property by using noises that are specifically designed to scare them away. By utilizing high-frequency sounds, ultrasonic devices, and natural predator noises, you can create a hostile environment that will encourage squirrels to seek refuge elsewhere. Additionally, making use of motion-activated sprinklers and repellent sprays can further enhance your squirrel-repelling efforts. By combining these methods, you can enjoy a squirrel-free environment and protect your property from damage caused by these pesky rodents. Remember, prevention is key when it comes to dealing with squirrel infestations, so be proactive in implementing these noise-based deterrents to keep squirrels at bay.

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