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How to Scare Away a Coyote: Effective Tips

how to scare away a coyote

Coyotes are highly intelligent and adaptable animals that are commonly found throughout North America. As human populations continue to expand into their natural habitat, encounters with these elusive creatures are becoming more frequent. In order to prevent conflicts and ensure the safety of both humans and coyotes, it is important to know how to effectively deter them from approaching residential areas.

One method that has proven to be effective in keeping coyotes at bay is making loud noises. Coyotes are naturally wary of loud sounds and sudden movements, so clapping your hands, banging pots and pans, or using a whistle can startle and intimidate them. By establishing yourself as a dominant presence, you can effectively scare off any curious coyotes that may be lurking nearby.

Another important tactic to keep coyotes away is to eliminate any potential food sources that may attract them to your property. This includes securing trash cans, not leaving pet food outside, and cleaning up fallen fruits or birdseed. Coyotes are opportunistic scavengers and will be less likely to frequent an area that does not offer an easy meal.

It is also advisable to install motion-activated lights or sprinklers around your property to startle coyotes and deter them from approaching. These sudden bursts of light or water can be enough to make them think twice about sticking around. Additionally, keeping pets on a leash and supervising them when they are outside can help minimize the risk of confrontations with coyotes.

By taking proactive measures to scare away coyotes and making your property less appealing to them, you can help prevent conflicts and promote coexistence with these wild animals. Educating yourself and your community about effective coyote deterrents is an important step towards creating a safe and harmonious environment for both humans and wildlife alike.

How can you effectively scare away a coyote from your property?

When encountering a coyote on your property, it is important to know how to properly scare them away to ensure the safety of yourself and your pets. There are several methods that can be used to deter coyotes from lingering around, such as making loud noises, waving your arms, and maintaining eye contact. Additionally, installing motion-activated lights or sprinkler systems can also help to scare away coyotes. In the following paragraphs, we will explore these methods in more detail and provide you with the knowledge you need to effectively keep coyotes at bay.

### Make Yourself Known

1. When you encounter a coyote, make yourself known by standing tall, waving your arms, and making loud noises. This will show the coyote that you are not an easy target and may scare it away.

### Use Noisemakers

2. Carry a whistle or an air horn with you while hiking or walking in areas where coyotes are known to be present. Using these noise-making devices can startle the coyote and encourage it to retreat.

### Maintain Eye Contact

3. Keep eye contact with the coyote at all times. Avoid turning your back on the animal, as this may trigger their predatory instincts. By maintaining eye contact, you can show the coyote that you are aware of its presence and are not intimidated.

### Throw Objects

4. If the coyote continues to approach you, throw objects such as rocks or sticks in its direction. This can help deter the animal and create a sense of fear, prompting it to leave the area.

### Back Away Slowly

5. If the coyote does not retreat after taking these steps, slowly back away while continuing to face the animal. Do not run or turn your back on the coyote, as this can trigger a chase response. Gradually create distance between yourself and the coyote until it decides to move on.

### Do Not Feed Coyotes

6. One of the most important ways to prevent coyote encounters is to never feed them. By removing a food source, you can help discourage coyotes from frequenting residential areas and becoming more bold in their interactions with humans.

### Stay Vigilant

7. Stay vigilant while walking or hiking in areas where coyotes are known to be present. Keep your pets on a leash and be prepared to take action if you encounter a coyote. By being aware of your surroundings and knowing how to scare away a coyote, you can help protect yourself and your pets from potential dangers.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, encounters between humans and coyotes are on the rise, with an estimated 4.5 million people encountering coyotes annually in urban areas. Coyote attacks on humans are rare, but it is important to know how to scare away these animals to prevent unwanted encounters.

How to Deter a Coyote?

Coyotes can be a nuisance in residential areas, but there are ways to discourage them from coming too close to your home. Here are some strategies that can help keep these wild animals at bay.

1. What precautions should I take to protect my pets from coyotes?

- Always keep your pets indoors, especially at night when coyotes are most active.

- Ensure your yard is securely fenced to prevent coyotes from entering.

- Do not leave food or water outside that may attract coyotes.

2. Are there any natural deterrents that can help keep coyotes away?

- Utilize motion-activated lights or sprinkler systems to startle coyotes.

- Trim vegetation around your property to reduce potential hiding spots for coyotes.

- Utilize loud noises such as banging pots or using a whistle to scare off coyotes.

3. What should I do if I encounter a coyote while out walking or hiking?

- Make yourself appear larger by raising your arms and standing tall.

- Make loud noises by yelling, clapping, or using an air horn to intimidate the coyote.

- Do not turn your back on the coyote or run away, as this may trigger a chase response.

4. Will installing a coyote-proof fence be effective in keeping them out?

- A coyote-proof fence should be at least 6 feet tall and extend underground to deter digging.

- Avoid chain link fences, as coyotes can easily climb over them.

- Consider adding a coyote roller to the top of your fence to prevent them from gripping and scaling it.

5. What steps can I take to discourage coyotes from entering my property?

- Keep trash cans securely closed to prevent coyotes from scavenging for food.

- Avoid leaving pet food outside, as it can attract coyotes.

- Report any aggressive behavior or repeated sightings of coyotes to local wildlife authorities.

In conclusion, by taking precautions to protect your pets, using natural deterrents, knowing how to react when encountering a coyote, considering the effectiveness of a coyote-proof fence, and taking steps to discourage them from entering your property, you can help prevent unwelcome interactions with these wild animals. Remember, it is important to respect the wildlife around you while also ensuring the safety of yourself, your family, and your pets.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that coyotes are generally timid creatures and will usually flee when faced with loud noises, bright lights, or aggressive gestures. By utilizing items such as air horns, flashing lights, and waving your arms, you can effectively scare away a coyote without causing them harm. It is also important to take preventative measures such as removing attractants and securing your property to minimize the chances of encountering a coyote in the first place. Remember to always prioritize your safety and the safety of the coyote when dealing with wildlife encounters.

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