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Horn Drill: Unleashing Power

Horn Drill is a move in the popular video game franchise Pokémon that has been causing a stir among players for years. With a single blow, this move has the power to instantly knock out an opponent if it lands successfully. Its significance lies in its immense power, making it a sought-after move by trainers looking to secure a quick victory in battles.

Originating in the first generation of Pokémon games, Horn Drill has become a staple move for many Pokémon species, particularly those with horns or sharp appendages. Its roots can be traced back to the game's creator, Satoshi Tajiri, who drew inspiration from his childhood love of collecting insects. Tajiri's fascination with the insect world led to the creation of Pokémon and their unique moves, including Horn Drill.

The impact of Horn Drill in battles cannot be underestimated. It serves as a strategic tool for trainers, as it bypasses a target's defenses and goes straight for the knockout blow. However, its power comes with a catch—Horn Drill has a notoriously low accuracy rate. This means trainers must take risks when using the move, hoping that it connects with the opponent before they can strike back.

Interestingly, despite its low accuracy, Horn Drill has a devoted following among competitive Pokémon players. They have come up with various strategies to maximize its potential, such as pairing it with moves that increase accuracy or using Pokémon with abilities that boost accuracy. These tactics showcase the creativity and adaptability of trainers who are determined to make the most of this powerful move.

In conclusion, Horn Drill is an iconic move in the Pokémon franchise that may hold victory or defeat for trainers. Its history can be traced back to the game's inception, where it was crafted as a homage to the creator's childhood adventures. The move's low accuracy has not deterred its enthusiasts from seizing the opportunity to utilize it, leading to innovative strategies that showcase the competitiveness of the Pokémon battle scene.

What is Horn Drill? Exploring the Mechanics and Strategies of this Powerful Pokémon Move

Horn Drill is a high-risk, high-reward move in the Pokémon games that possesses incredible power if it successfully lands. This one-hit KO move allows the user to strike its opponent with a devastating blow that can instantly defeat them, regardless of their level or defenses. However, this move comes with a catch – it has an inherently low accuracy, making it a risky choice in battles. In this article, we will delve into the details of Horn Drill, its mechanics, strategies for utilizing it effectively, and the Pokémon that can learn this formidable move.


Horn Drill is a powerful and high-risk move in the world of Pokémon battles. Introduced in Generation I, it is classified as a Normal-type move and is known for its ability to instantly knock out an opponent. It is a one-hit KO move, meaning that if it successfully connects, it will faint the opposing Pokémon, regardless of their level or stats.

Usage and Mechanics

To use Horn Drill effectively, a Pokémon must have a higher speed stat than its opponent. The move has a base accuracy of only 30%, making it unreliable at first glance. However, when combined with the moves Lock-On or Mind Reader, its accuracy becomes 100%. This strategy allows a Pokémon to guarantee a successful hit with Horn Drill on the next turn.

It's important to note that Horn Drill will fail against any target that has used the move Protect or has the ability Sturdy. Additionally, Ghost-type Pokémon are completely immune to Horn Drill, so using it against them will have no effect.

Strategies and Team Building

Horn Drill is often used as part of a high-risk/high-reward strategy, as it can instantly turn the tide of a battle. Pokémon with high speed and decent attack stats are ideal candidates for utilizing this move. It is commonly seen in the movesets of sweepers or Pokémon that focus on taking down opponents quickly.

To increase the chances of hitting with Horn Drill, many trainers opt to combine it with Lock-On or Mind Reader. Pokémon like Jynx, Articuno, or Dragonite, who can learn both Lock-On and Horn Drill, are popular choices for this strategy. By locking onto the opponent and then using Horn Drill, these Pokémon bypass the move's low base accuracy.

Limitations and Counterplay

While Horn Drill can be a devastating move when it connects, it comes with several significant limitations. The low 30% accuracy means that it will often miss unless combined with Lock-On or Mind Reader. This reliance on setup turns makes it predictable and gives the opponent an opportunity to switch, protect, or take advantage of the wasted move.

Another limitation is that Horn Drill is a single-target move, meaning it cannot hit multiple opponents at once. This can be a disadvantage in battles against teams with multiple Pokémon.

To counter Horn Drill, trainers often employ strategies such as Protect or using Pokémon with the ability Sturdy, which prevents a one-hit KO. Being aware of the opponent's moveset and their Pokémon's speed is crucial to avoid falling victim to Horn Drill.


- Introduced in Generation I

- Type: Normal

- Power: -

- Accuracy: 30% (100% with Lock-On or Mind Reader)

- PP: 5

- Makes contact: No

- Hits: One target

- Effect: Instantly knocks out the target if it connects and the user is faster than the opponent. Fail against Pokémon that have used Protect or have the ability Sturdy. Is completely ineffective against Ghost-type Pokémon.


FAQ about Horn Drill on Bulbapedia

1. What is the move that guarantees a one-hit KO in Pokémon battles?

The move that guarantees a one-hit KO in Pokémon battles is an iconic move known for its sheer power and unpredictability. This move has the potential to instantly defeat opponents regardless of their level or defense, making it a formidable weapon in battle. It offers trainers an opportunity to quickly turn the tide in their favor with a single strike.

Important information:

- The move in question is highly accurate but requires the user to be faster than the opponent.

- It has a base power of 0, meaning that it does not cause direct damage but instead relies on the KO probability.

- Horn Drill is a Normal-type move that can only be learned by certain Pokémon through leveling up or through Move Tutors.

2. How does the move Horn Drill work?

Horn Drill is a move that operates based on the speed of the attacker and the target. When a Pokémon uses Horn Drill, it attempts to strike its foe with a devastating one-hit KO. However, the move's success relies heavily on the speed of the user compared to that of the opponent. If the user's speed stat is higher, there is a chance for the move to connect and instantly defeat the target.

Important information:

- Horn Drill has an accuracy of 30%, meaning it will fail to land most of the time.

- If the user's speed is lower than or equal to the target's speed, the move will automatically fail.

- Certain abilities, such as No Guard, can increase the accuracy of Horn Drill by guaranteeing that it will always hit.

3. Can any Pokémon learn Horn Drill?

No, not all Pokémon have the ability to learn Horn Drill. This powerful move is exclusive to several specific Pokémon and cannot be learned by every species. It is crucial for trainers to carefully choose their Pokémon if they wish to incorporate this move into their strategy. However, it is essential to note that even among the Pokémon that can learn Horn Drill, not all of them have the necessary speed stat to make it effective.

Important information:

- Several Pokémon families have access to Horn Drill, including some notable ones like Rhydon and Kangaskhan.

- Move Tutors in various regions often offer the chance to teach Horn Drill to compatible Pokémon.

- Some Pokémon that can learn Horn Drill may require specific conditions, such as evolving them to a certain level or using a specific item.

4. Are there any ways to increase the accuracy of Horn Drill?

Indeed, there are a few methods to increase the accuracy of Horn Drill, albeit limited options. The move inherently holds a low accuracy, making it challenging for trainers to rely solely on this move's potential. However, certain abilities and strategies can assist in maximizing the chances of successfully landing Horn Drill.

Important information:

- Abilities, like No Guard, make sure Horn Drill will hit every time it is used, removing the move's inherent inaccuracy.

- Moves like Lock-On and Mind Reader can also guarantee the accuracy of Horn Drill on the same turn they are used.

- Using a move like Sheer Cold, Fissure, or Guillotine that operates similarly to Horn Drill can also be an additional strategy to consider.

5. Are there any Pokémon that can counter Horn Drill?

While the power of Horn Drill can indeed be intimidating, it is not unbeatable, and there are ways to counter this move effectively. Trainers should explore various strategies to defend against or neutralize the threat of Horn Drill to prevent it from turning the tide of battle in their opponent's favor.

Important information:

- Using Pokémon with high evasion stats, abilities, or moves such as Sand Attack or Double Team can make it difficult for Horn Drill to connect.

- Pokémon that have abilities like Sturdy or Focus Sash can survive a Horn Drill attack with 1 HP, giving them an opportunity to retaliate.

- Utilizing moves that lower the foe's accuracy, such as Smokescreen or Supersonic, can also reduce the chances of Horn Drill hitting.


Overall, Horn Drill is a powerful move found in the Pokémon games. It has a low accuracy but has the potential to instantly knock out an opponent if it lands successfully. This move is classified as a one-hit KO move, meaning it instantly defeats the target regardless of their level or stats.

Horn Drill has a base power of 0 but can be boosted by the user's level. In order for Horn Drill to hit, the user's level must be higher than or equal to the target Pokémon's level. However, some Pokémon have abilities that can evade or block one-hit KO moves, making Horn Drill ineffective against them.

To increase the accuracy of Horn Drill, certain moves like Lock-On and Mind Reader can be used. These moves guarantee that the next Horn Drill will hit. Additionally, equipped items like the Razor Claw or Razor Fang can increase the chance of landing a critical hit with Horn Drill, further enhancing its effectiveness.

While Horn Drill can be a devastating move when it connects, it comes with its fair share of challenges. Its low accuracy makes it unreliable, and missing the move leaves the user vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore, some Pokémon have access to moves like Protect or Detect, which can nullify a Horn Drill attempt.

In conclusion, Horn Drill is a risky but potentially rewarding move in the Pokémon games. Its ability to instantly knock out opponents makes it a feared move in battles. However, due to its low accuracy and potential counters, skilled strategizing and timing are necessary to effectively utilize Horn Drill and secure victory in battle.

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