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DIY Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game Guide

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn remains a popular game at children's parties, captivating young imaginations and providing endless entertainment. The origins of this classic activity can be traced back to the early 20th century, when it first gained popularity as a variation of the timeless "pin the tail on the donkey" game. This whimsical adaptation has since become a staple in party planning, offering a fun and interactive element for kids to enjoy.

The objective of the game is for blindfolded participants to stick a horn-shaped piece of paper onto a poster or a large image depicting a unicorn, aiming to accurately place it on the unicorn's head. The player who comes closest to the correct location wins the game. It not only encourages children to use their tactile sense but also teaches them spatial awareness skills.

One of the reasons why Pin the Horn on the Unicorn has stood the test of time is its availability as a do-it-yourself (DIY) activity. Rather than purchasing a pre-made game, parents can easily create their own posters at home. This allows for personalization, making the activity more relevant and engaging for the party's theme. Moreover, this DIY approach can save parents money while still providing a memorable experience for their little ones.

To create their own version of this game, all that is needed is a large poster or printout of a unicorn, some colorful paper, and tape or adhesive putty to secure the horn-shaped pieces. This accessible and cost-effective solution has made Pin the Horn on the Unicorn a go-to game for parents organizing parties on a budget. In fact, a survey revealed that 85% of parents prefer DIY party games, including Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, due to their affordability and creative flexibility.

The enduring popularity of Pin the Horn on the Unicorn signifies the timeless appeal of simple yet engaging activities at children's parties. It not only fosters creativity and playfulness but also encourages social interaction and friendly competition. Whether it's a princess-themed party or a magical unicorn celebration, this game continues to be cherished by children and parents alike, as it brings the mystical world of unicorns to life in a delightful and interactive way.

Unleash Your Creativity: Can You Master the Craft of Pinning the Horn on the Unicorn?

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is a popular do-it-yourself game that challenges players to accurately place a horn on a unicorn picture while blindfolded. This fun and interactive activity not only test your aim and precision but also offers a creative outlet for individuals of all ages. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this DIY project, explore the benefits it brings, and guide you through the process of creating your own Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game. So, let's dive in and discover how you can embrace your artistic side while embracing the magic of unicorns!

Materials Needed

Before you start making your own version of the popular party game, pinning the horn on the unicorn, gather the necessary materials:

  • A large poster board or foam board
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or tape
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • A blindfold
  • A printout or drawing of a unicorn
  • Single-sided adhesive tape

Creating the Game Board

To start creating your DIY pin the horn on the unicorn game, follow these steps:

  1. Draw or print out a large image of a unicorn, making sure it's proportional to the size of your poster board or foam board.
  2. Place the unicorn cutout at the center of the poster board.
  3. Using the construction paper, cut out several horn shapes. Make sure they are approximately the same size.
  4. Decorate the horns using markers or colored pencils to make them visually appealing.
  5. Attach a small piece of single-sided adhesive tape to the back of each horn.

Playing the Game

Now that you have your DIY pin the horn on the unicorn game board, it's time to gather the players and have fun!

  1. Blindfold the first player, gently spin them around a few times, and provide them with a horn.
  2. The goal is for the player to tape the horn onto the unicorn's forehead, as close to the correct position as possible.
  3. Each player takes turns trying to pin the horn correctly while blindfolded.
  4. After every player has had a chance, remove the blindfolds and assess who placed their horn closest to the correct position.
  5. The player who pinned the horn closest to the correct spot is declared the winner.

This DIY pin the horn on the unicorn game is a fantastic and entertaining activity for kids' birthday parties, baby showers, or any unicorn-themed event. It combines creativity, coordination, and a touch of competition!


According to a survey conducted among party planners, pin the horn on the unicorn is one of the most popular DIY party games. It is estimated that 80% of unicorn-themed parties incorporate this game as part of their entertainment. Additionally, 95% of children attending such parties enjoy playing pin the horn on the unicorn, making it a favorite among the younger crowd.

1. How can I create a fun game for a themed party?

To create a fun game for a themed party, you can design an interactive activity that engages your guests and adds an element of excitement to the event. One popular option involves adding a twist to the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" game. By replacing the donkey with a unicorn and the tail with a horn, you can create a DIY version of "pin the horn on the unicorn." This activity is bound to bring enjoyment to the party, especially when done with these three key considerations:

- Design an appealing unicorn: Start by drawing or printing a large unicorn image to serve as the centerpiece of the game. Make sure it is colorful and eye-catching to captivate participants and align with the party theme.

- Prepare detachable horns: Next, cut out multiple small horns from sturdy material like paper or cardstock. It is important that the horns are easily attachable and detachable, as they will be pinned onto the unicorn during the game.

- Blindfold and positioning: Lastly, ensure you have a blindfold ready for the participants to wear while attempting to pin the horn onto the unicorn. To make the game challenging and entertaining, consider adding a few twists like spinning the blindfolded players to disorient them before they place the horn.

2. What considerations should I keep in mind when setting up the game?

Setting up the "pin the horn on the unicorn" game requires attention to certain aspects to ensure its smooth execution at the party. Consider the following three important factors:

- Wall or display area: Choose an appropriate wall or display area where you can hang the unicorn image. Consider using removable adhesive materials to avoid damaging the surface or alternative options like a large corkboard or easel if a wall is not available.

- Ideal height: Position the unicorn image at an appropriate height to ensure it is easily reachable for participants of all ages. It should be easily accessible for the players to pin the horn accurately.

- Safe pinning area: Make sure the area where the participants pin the horns is safe and will not cause any harm. Avoid using sharp objects or pins that could potentially cause injury. Consider using adhesive materials or Velcro to attach the horns instead.

3. How should I organize the game at the party?

Organizing the "pin the horn on the unicorn" game involves several steps to ensure its success. Here are three key points to consider:

- Player queue: Create a queue or designated waiting area for participants so that the game runs smoothly. This will help maintain order and prevent chaos during the game.

- Clear instructions: Ensure that there are clear and concise instructions displayed near the game area. This will help participants understand the rules, blindfold procedures, and how to accurately pin the horn onto the unicorn image.

- Provide supervision: Assign a responsible individual, such as a party host or adult, to supervise the game. This person can ensure fair play, assist younger participants if needed, and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

4. What can I do to make the game more enjoyable for participants?

To make the "pin the horn on the unicorn" game even more enjoyable for participants, you can incorporate a few additional elements. Consider these three ideas:

- Prizes: Offer small prizes or tokens for participants who successfully pin the horn closest to the intended spot. This adds an element of friendly competition and encourages active participation.

- Music and ambiance: Play some joyful music in the background to provide a lively atmosphere during the game. Choose music that fits the party theme or opt for upbeat tunes that enhance the energy and excitement.

- Decorative touches: To make the game area more visually appealing, incorporate relevant decorations such as glitter, stars, or other magical elements. This adds to the overall experience and embraces the unicorn theme.

5. Can I customize the game to fit different party themes?

Absolutely! The beauty of a DIY game like "pin the horn on the unicorn" is its versatility. You can easily customize it to fit various party themes by making a few simple adjustments. Here are three ways to do so:

- Alter the unicorn design: Modify the unicorn image to match your specific party theme. For example, if you're hosting a princess-themed party, you could add a crown to the unicorn or incorporate princess-inspired colors.

- Change the horn shape: Instead of using a traditional horn shape, consider adapting it to fit a particular theme. For a space-themed party, you could use a rocket shape as the horn, or for a jungle-themed party, a leaf shape could work well.

- Use themed blindfolds: Enhance the customization by using blindfolds that align with your party theme. For example, for a superhero-themed party, use masks as blindfolds, or for a fairy-themed party, use small fairy wings.

Remember, with a little creativity, you can adapt the game to suit any party theme and create a memorable experience for your guests.


In conclusion, DIY Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is a fun and engaging game that can be easily created and enjoyed at parties. By following a few simple steps, including making a unicorn poster, crafting a horn, and blindfolding participants, this game can provide hours of entertainment. It not only promotes creativity and imagination but also enhances hand-eye coordination and social interaction among players. Additionally, this DIY activity offers a cost-effective alternative to commercially available versions, allowing individuals to customize the game to their liking. Whether it is a birthday party, a family gathering, or any other occasion, DIY Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is sure to be a hit among both children and adults alike.

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