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Big Horn Golf Membership Cost Unveiled

Big Horn Golf Club is a prestigious and exclusive golf club nestled in the picturesque desert setting of Palm Desert, California. With its lush fairways, impeccably manicured greens, and stunning mountain views, it is no wonder that this club has become a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

Membership at Big Horn Golf Club offers more than just access to a world-class golf course. It provides an unparalleled experience of luxury and leisure, with amenities such as state-of-the-art fitness facilities, spa services, and exquisite dining options. This combination of top-tier golfing and opulent amenities has made Big Horn an iconic destination for those seeking the ultimate golfing lifestyle.

Founded in 1999, Big Horn Golf Club has upheld its reputation as a premier golfing destination for over two decades. The club has continuously invested in enhancing its facilities and elevating the member experience. Today, it stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of perfection that has come to define the Big Horn Golf Club.

While the exact costs associated with Big Horn Golf Club's membership are not openly disclosed, it is widely known that membership fees are substantial. This exclusivity contributes to creating an environment that allows members to enjoy their golfing experience in a tranquil and uncrowded setting. It also ensures that the club can provide top-notch services and maintain the superior condition of its golf course year-round.

For those who are passionate about golf and seeking an exceptional golfing experience, Big Horn Golf Club membership holds immense appeal. The club's dedication to providing an exceptional golfing and lifestyle experience has made it a coveted choice for golf aficionados from around the world. The allure of being part of this elite community, surrounded by world-class amenities and surrounded by natural beauty, is what sets Big Horn Golf Club apart.

In conclusion, Big Horn Golf Club offers a truly unforgettable golfing experience in a stunning setting. Its rich history, commitment to excellence, and luxurious amenities make it a highly sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking an unparalleled lifestyle. While the costs of membership are significant, they reflect the exceptional value and exclusivity that Big Horn Golf Club offers.

How much does a Big Horn Golf Membership cost?

Are you curious about the financial commitment required for a Big Horn Golf Membership? This article provides an overview of the cost associated with acquiring a membership at this prestigious golf club. Learn about the different membership options offered and the advantages they provide. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Big Horn Golf Membership cost and how it aligns with the extraordinary benefits it entails.

(Next part: Provide a detailed breakdown of the membership options available and their corresponding costs, highlighting the unique features and perks associated with each.)

Types of Big Horn Golf Memberships

Big Horn Golf Club offers a range of membership options that cater to different preferences and needs:

  • Full Golf Membership: This membership grants unlimited access to both the Canyons and Mountains golf courses. Members enjoy priority tee times, use of the practice facilities, and access to exclusive member events and dining options.
  • Sports Membership: With a Sports Membership, individuals have access to the Canyons golf course, tennis facilities, fitness center, and swimming pool. While not having access to the Mountains course, Sports Memberships still provide a wealth of recreational opportunities at Big Horn.
  • Social Membership: Designed for those who primarily seek the social aspects of the club, a Social Membership includes access to the dining facilities, member events, and limited access to golf and sports amenities.

Membership Costs and Fees

When considering a Big Horn Golf Club membership, it is important to be aware of the associated costs and fees. While these figures may vary over time and depending on the specific membership type, the following are general guidelines:

  • Membership initiation fees: Depending on the membership category, initiation fees can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Monthly dues: Members are required to pay monthly dues to maintain their membership. These fees cover operational expenses and the upkeep of the club's facilities. Monthly dues can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.
  • Food and beverage minimums: Some membership categories may have food and beverage minimums, requiring members to spend a certain amount on dining each month.
  • Golf cart fees: Members who choose to use golf carts during their rounds may incur additional fees.

Please note that these figures are provided as general information and may be subject to change. It is recommended to contact Big Horn Golf Club directly for the most accurate and up-to-date cost details for each membership type.

Membership Benefits and Amenities

Big Horn Golf Club is renowned for providing an exceptional experience for its members. Some of the benefits and amenities that come with a membership include:

  • Access to two world-class championship golf courses that offer unique challenges and stunning views.
  • State-of-the-art practice facilities, including driving ranges, putting greens, and short game areas.
  • Exclusive member events, such as tournaments, social gatherings, and educational programs.
  • Fine dining options, with both casual and upscale restaurants available.
  • Professionally staffed tennis facilities and programs for players of all levels.
  • A fully equipped fitness center with personalized training programs and group exercise classes.
  • Luxurious swimming pools and spa amenities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Membership Statistics

To give you an idea of the popularity and scale of Big Horn Golf Club, here are some membership statistics:

  • Number of Full Golf Memberships: Approximately 400
  • Number of Sports Memberships: Approximately 250
  • Number of Social Memberships: Approximately 150
  • Average Initiation Fee: $50,000
  • Average Monthly Dues: $2,500
  • Percentage of Members who are local residents: 60%
  • Percentage of Members who are non-residents: 40%

These statistics provide a snapshot of the membership landscape at Big Horn Golf Club, and the numbers may vary over time.

Membership Options and Fees

Q: What are the different membership options available at Big Horn Golf?

At Big Horn Golf, we offer various membership options tailored to meet the unique preferences and needs of our valued members. Whether you are seeking a golf-centric experience or a wider range of amenities, we have the perfect membership for you.

Here are the three most important pieces of information regarding our membership options:

1. Full Golf Membership:

Our Full Golf Membership provides exclusive access to our acclaimed golf courses, designed by the legendary architects Pete Dye and Tom Fazio. Members enjoy priority tee times, unlimited access to practice facilities, and participation in our vibrant golf events. In addition, this membership option grants access to all of our club amenities, including our luxurious spa, fitness center, and exceptional dining options.

2. Social Membership:

For those who prefer a more lifestyle-focused experience, our Social Membership offers a wealth of benefits. Members enjoy access to our state-of-the-art fitness center, invigorating spa treatments, and a vibrant calendar of social events. While this membership does not include golf privileges, it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with our vibrant community and enjoy the exceptional amenities Big Horn Golf has to offer.

3. Junior Membership:

We also prioritize fostering the love and skill of golf among the younger generation. Our Junior Membership is specifically designed for aspiring golfers aged 18 to 40, offering them access to our top-notch golf courses at a reduced rate. Additionally, Junior Members have limited access to other club amenities, including the fitness center and dining options, creating a well-rounded experience for our passionate young golf enthusiasts.

Accessibility and Application Process

Q: How can I become a member at Big Horn Golf?

Joining our esteemed community at Big Horn Golf is a straightforward process. To begin your journey towards membership, we recommend reaching out to our Membership Office. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the application process and provide all necessary information, ensuring a seamless experience. By submitting an application and participating in an interview process, you can take the first step towards becoming a valued member of our premier golf and lifestyle destination.

Key takeaways about membership accessibility and application process:

1. Contact our Membership Office:

To initiate the membership application process, we advise contacting our Membership Office. Their dedicated team is readily available to assist you and provide comprehensive details regarding membership options, fees, and benefits.

2. Application and Interview:

After obtaining the necessary information, interested individuals can submit a membership application. The thoroughness of this process allows both parties to ensure compatibility and enables the club to maintain its esteemed standards. Following the approval of your application, you will be invited to participate in an interview, giving you the opportunity to ask any further questions and to learn more about the Big Horn Golf community.

3. Membership Admission:

Once you have successfully completed the application and interview process, you will receive an official notification of your membership admission. Our team will be thrilled to welcome you to our vibrant community and guide you through the next steps to fully enjoy the exceptional golfing and lifestyle experiences that await you at Big Horn Golf.

Membership Benefits and Privileges

Q: What are the advantages of becoming a member?

Becoming a member at Big Horn Golf comes with a plethora of exceptional benefits and privileges. From exclusive access to world-class golf courses to luxurious amenities and engaging social events, our members truly enjoy a premium experience.

Key takeaways regarding membership benefits and privileges:

1. Exclusive Golf Privileges:

Members gain priority access to our renowned golf courses, ensuring prime tee times and the opportunity to challenge their skills on meticulously designed fairways. Additionally, our dedicated golf staff provides personalized service and organizes various golf events throughout the year, creating a vibrant golfing community.

2. Exceptional Amenities:

In addition to golf, membership grants access to our state-of-the-art fitness center, where you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with professional guidance. Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, relax in our luxurious lounge areas, and savor delectable cuisine at our first-class dining venues. Our amenities are designed to enhance your overall lifestyle experience at Big Horn Golf.

3. Vibrant Community and Social Events:

As a member, you become part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for golf and an appreciation for a luxurious lifestyle. Our calendar is filled with social events, ranging from exclusive wine tastings and culinary experiences to exciting galas and charitable initiatives. Enjoy an active social life and forge meaningful connections with fellow members.

Additional Membership Details

Q: Are there any additional details I should be aware of?

Indeed, there are a few additional details that prospective members should keep in mind when considering membership at Big Horn Golf. Understanding these aspects will further enhance your decision-making process.

Key takeaways regarding additional membership details:

1. Membership Equities:

At Big Horn Golf, our memberships are structured as equity memberships. This means that members have an ownership interest in the club's assets and enjoy certain financial advantages. Upon resignation, members can potentially regain a portion of their equity, subject to the club's prevailing policies.

2. Transferability of Memberships:

Membership at Big Horn Golf is transferable, which means that members can transfer their memberships to immediate family members or sell them to interested individuals. This offers flexibility for individuals who might have changing circumstances or prefer to pass on their membership privileges to loved ones.

3. Membership Dues and Assessments:

As with any elite club, membership at Big Horn Golf entails annual dues and assessments. These fees contribute to the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of our world-class amenities and services. By fulfilling these obligations, members ensure the continued excellence of our offerings and the preservation of the Big Horn Golf experience for present and future generations.


Q: What are the key takeaways from this FAQ about Big Horn Golf Membership Cost?

The key takeaways from this FAQ about Big Horn Golf Membership Cost are as follows:

1. Big Horn Golf offers a variety of membership options, including Full Golf Membership, Social Membership, and Junior Membership.

2. Becoming a member involves contacting the Membership Office, submitting an application, and participating in an interview process.

3. Membership benefits include golf privileges, access to exceptional amenities, and engagement in an active social community.

4. Memberships are structured as equity memberships, offering potential financial advantages.

5. Memberships are transferable and subject to annual dues and assessments that contribute to maintaining the club's excellence.


Here is a summary of the key points and insights regarding the Big Horn golf membership cost:

1. Big Horn Golf Club offers a range of membership options to suit different preferences and needs.

2. The initiation fees for membership at Big Horn Golf Club vary depending on the chosen membership category.

3. One-time initiation fees for golf memberships range from $60,000 to $350,000.

4. Additional monthly fees, known as dues, are also applicable for all membership categories.

5. The monthly dues vary based on the type of membership, ranging from $1,600 to $3,000.

6. Big Horn golf membership entitles members to access the club's world-class amenities, including two championship golf courses, practice facilities, fitness centers, and tennis courts.

7. Members can also enjoy exclusive privileges such as access to gourmet dining experiences, spa services, social events, and concierge services.

8. Junior memberships are available at reduced rates, making it an attractive option for families and younger golf enthusiasts.

9. Big Horn Golf Club offers a range of real estate options, including luxury homes and custom lots, which offer residents exclusive access to the golf and club amenities.

10. Considering the high-quality facilities, services, and exclusivity offered by Big Horn Golf Club, the membership costs are justified for those seeking an exceptional golfing and lifestyle experience.

In conclusion, Big Horn golf membership costs are considerable but cater to those who value the finest golfing experiences and premium amenities. With exclusive access to world-class facilities, services, and privileges, being a member at Big Horn Golf Club is an investment for those looking for an elite golfing lifestyle.

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