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Best Way to Scare Off Coyotes: Top Strategies

best way to scare off coyotes

Coyotes are highly adaptable animals that have been known to thrive in both rural and urban environments. As human populations continue to expand into their habitats, encounters with these elusive creatures have become more common. In order to prevent conflicts with coyotes, it is important for individuals to be aware of effective strategies for deterring them.

One method that has proven to be successful in scaring off coyotes is making loud noises. By shouting, using whistles, air horns, or banging pots and pans, individuals can startle and frighten coyotes, prompting them to flee. This simple yet effective technique can be especially useful when encountering a curious or aggressive coyote.

Another strategy to deter coyotes is to make the environment less appealing to them. This can be achieved by keeping garbage securely stored in bins, removing food sources such as pet food left outdoors, and not intentionally feeding coyotes. By eliminating attractants, individuals can reduce the likelihood of coyotes being drawn to their property.

In addition to making loud noises and removing attractants, it is important for individuals to be aware of their surroundings and to never approach or corner a coyote. Instead, it is recommended to make oneself appear larger by waving arms, maintain eye contact, and slowly back away. By confidently asserting oneself and demonstrating assertive behavior, individuals can effectively scare off coyotes and prevent potential conflicts.

What techniques are most effective in deterring coyotes from your property?

Coyotes can be a nuisance and a potential danger to pets and livestock on your property. In order to protect your animals and ensure your own safety, it is important to know the best ways to scare off coyotes. This can include using deterrents such as motion-activated lights or noises, erecting fencing, or even using guard animals. In the following sections, we will explore these techniques in more detail and provide tips on how to effectively keep coyotes away from your property.

Scaring off coyotes can be important for the safety of yourself, your pets, and your property. Here are some effective ways to keep these wild animals at bay:

1. Make Noise:

Coyotes are naturally wary animals and are easily startled by loud noises. Utilize tools such as air horns, whistles, or even banging pots and pans to create a cacophony that will scare them off.

2. Install Motion-Activated Lights:

Coyotes are more likely to stay away from well-lit areas. Install motion-activated lights around your property to deter them from coming too close.

3. Use Scents:

Coyotes have a keen sense of smell, so using scents that they find unpleasant can help keep them away. Try spraying ammonia, vinegar, or commercial coyote repellents in areas where they may be lurking.

4. Secure Your Trash:

Coyotes are scavengers and are often attracted to human garbage. Make sure your trash bins are securely closed to prevent them from rummaging through your waste.

5. Keep Pets Indoors:

Coyotes may see small pets like cats and small dogs as prey. Keep your pets indoors, especially at night, or if they must go outside, accompany them to ensure their safety.

6. Install Fencing:

If you live in an area with frequent coyote sightings, consider installing fences around your property. Make sure the fences are high enough (at least 6 feet tall) and extend underground to prevent coyotes from digging underneath.


According to the Humane Society of the United States, it is estimated that there are between 5,000 and 10,000 coyotes in urban areas in Cook County, Illinois alone. Additionally, research by the University of California-Davis found that there are an estimated 500,000 coyotes in California. Coyote populations are on the rise in many urban areas, making it important to take steps to scare them off and prevent conflicts.

How can I protect myself from coyotes?

To protect yourself from coyotes, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times and avoid areas where coyotes are known to frequent. Making loud noises such as yelling, clapping, or using a whistle can help scare off coyotes. Additionally, carrying a flashlight or a noise-making device can be useful in deterring them.

1. Be aware of your surroundings

2. Make loud noises to scare off coyotes

3. Carry a noise-making device

What should I do if I encounter a coyote?

If you encounter a coyote, it is important to remain calm and avoid running away. Instead, slowly back away while facing the coyote and making yourself appear larger by waving your arms. Avoid turning your back on the coyote and maintain eye contact.

1. Remain calm and avoid running

2. Slowly back away while facing the coyote

3. Make yourself appear larger by waving your arms

How can I protect my pets from coyotes?

To protect your pets from coyotes, it is important to keep them indoors, especially during dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active. When walking your pets, keep them on a leash and close to you at all times. Make sure your yard is secure with a fence that is tall enough to prevent coyotes from entering.

1. Keep pets indoors during dawn and dusk

2. Keep pets on a leash when walking them

3. Secure yard with a tall fence

Are coyotes dangerous to humans?

While coyotes are typically wary of humans and will avoid contact, they can become aggressive if they feel threatened or cornered. It is important to give coyotes space and not approach them. In the rare event of a coyote attack, seek medical attention immediately.

1. Coyotes are typically wary of humans

2. Coyotes can become aggressive if threatened

3. Seek medical attention in case of attack

What should I do if a coyote is in my neighborhood?

If a coyote is spotted in your neighborhood, it is important to contact your local animal control or wildlife management agency. Avoid leaving food or garbage outside that may attract coyotes, and secure any potential food sources such as pet food or compost bins.

1. Contact animal control or wildlife management

2. Avoid leaving food or garbage outside

3. Secure potential food sources


In conclusion, the best way to scare off coyotes only once is by utilizing a combination of loud noises, bright lights, and strong scents. By incorporating sounds such as air horns, whistles, or banging pots together, along with flashing lights and the scent of predator urine or ammonia, you can effectively deter coyotes from coming near your property. Additionally, removing attractants like food sources and securing garbage bins can help prevent coyotes from returning. Remember to always prioritize your safety when dealing with wildlife and consider seeking professional help if the problem persists.

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